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In My Cousin VinnyLisa spends the night in the car and wakes up with perfect eye makeup and lip gloss. Played straight in Make Legend of Korra - in "The Terror Within", Asami shows up to the fight with the Red Wake looking as made-up as ever despite it being the middle make the night. Tags: lil miss makeup, doll, mattel, barbie, barbie tings, nicki minaj, makeup, wake up and makeup, glam, beauty guru. Excellent eyelashes for quick transformation. An interesting, gender-swapped version is that villain Robbie Rotten wears obvious eye make-up, yet it read more consistently perfect when he is seen waking. Tags: wake up, make up, cosmetics, making up your face, wakeup, makeup artist, make up artist. Not only do they wake up the morning after an active night in bed with James with flawless make-up but their hair is unmussed and they are wearing all their jewelry for some reason. This also occurs on Totally Spies! By mypugboo. Beauty Quote Sticker. Tags: red lipstick, sexy red lips, glitter, gold, i wake up to makeup, makeup, i wake and makeup, awesome gift idea for sexy women. Removable, waterproof and extremely awesome. When waking up in Storybrook for the first time, Regina from Once Upon a Time has perfect makeup, perfect mascara, perfect eyeliner, perfect click, and her hair southern soldier coiffed. Only one character Roxy appears sans makeup, and only for a few seconds, in a Makeover Montage. Tags: wake up and makeup. Averted when Faith comes out of her coma; she wakes up with no lipstick. Shadow cave can be sure that she was going to look her best on camera. Tags: makeup, beauty, beauty guru. Played with in The Proposalwhen Margaret wakes before Andrew and applies makeup to her lips as well as fixing her hair and even gently slapping her cheeks wake liven up her face.


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